What is an exclusive recipe?

An exclusive recipe is a recipe that is only for one buyer. This includes the written recipe, ingredient photos, process photos, and end result photos. No other blogger will be able to purchase the same content. The exclusive photos will be deleted and the rights are for the buyer.

What is PLR content?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. These are products that can be sold to multiple bloggers at a low price but can be edited and changed, to make them look unique and stand out from the rest. This content is budget-friendly and gives you the freedom to use the photos any way you see fit. For more details on what PLR is and stands for, check out this article: What is PLR Content?

Do your recipes come with reselling rights?

Neither PLR nor Exclusive Recipes purchased from Content For Food Bloggers include reselling rights. These recipes are designed exclusively for your personal blogging use and cannot be resold. If you have any more questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask!

What exactly can I expect when I make a purchase?

Each set has a description that mentions exactly what that package includes. This can vary from high-resolution JPG files to Word documents or PNG files. Make sure to download all content within 30 days, because access automatically expires after 30 days.

What can I do to make my PLR content stand out from the other bloggers who also purchased a set?

I highly recommend adding your own wording to the recipe and changing up the wording by giving it your own voice.. You can change the wording of the instructions, and you can add background information or a historic fact to your recipe. You can also double up the ingredients of the recipe. Or change the following orders of ingredients, or paragraphs (in food articles). For more details on how you change up your PLR, check out this article: What is PLR Content?

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